Immediate Impacts Inc


Immediate Impacts is a 501c(3) charity based just outside of Washington, DC. Our mission is to provide immediate, personal assistance to the homeless, helping them get through today so they have a shot at longer-term solutions tomorrow.

We assemble bags of cold weather survival gear and toiletries, and we hand out these bags to homeless men and women in DC (and more recently, Richmond, VA). We try to help those that need help the most; typically we distribute late at night and during only the coldest weather.

Our bags are military-surplus large-capacity top-load duffel bags. They wear like iron and are great for homeless folks that need to stay mobile and carry all their possessions with them. To deal with the weather, we also provide a 5’x7’ blue tarp, 2 thick wool blankets, heavy-duty military leather gloves with wool lining, heavy wool socks, and a knit hat. We also include a bag of toiletries with toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, razor, vaseline, and a washcloth. A couple bottles of water and a sheet of instructions on where to find shelters and food completes the bag.

We’re just trying to make a few people a little bit warmer. The impact may be small in terms of the broad problems of poverty, mental health, and homelessness, but the impact is real and it is immediate.